Nam Bộ Restaurant

Set on the ground and first floors of the building, the Nam Bộ Restaurant is the successor of the classic Nam Bộ that welcomed the first foreign visitors to Cần Thơ in the late 1990s. It built its reputation on a warm welcome, regularity in service and varied Vietnamese as well as western cuisine.

Welcome to the Nam Bộ Restaurant


The Nam Bộ Restaurant serves a variety of traditional Vietnamese dishes, from light snack to full-fledged 7-course dinner. Its menu spans from the classic Vietnamese dishes like all manners of nem and fish to Mekong delta specialties as the Lẩu hot pot and some snake preparations.

Try Cần Thơ beef in the Nam Bộ Restaurant and be convinced that local beef can be very good.

For the travelers weary of Vietnamese cuisine, the Nam Bộ also offers a wide selection of western classics, from beef steak to Italian classics, pizza and pasta, and other European dishes. Chicken with tarragon is a must.

The Nam Bộ restaurant also delivers pizza.



Picture exhibitions

In its classic, simple environment, the Nam Bộ occasionally welcomes the work of local and foreign artists on its walls.

The first artist to expose at the Nam Bộ is Serge Cabanel, a French artist who lives in Thốt Nốt and exposes watercolors in his very personal, intense manner, about life of the people in the delta.

Other pictures are by Netherland's photographer Lauke Komar, who knows to extract the telling details from the delta's everyday scenery.

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