L'Escale is the more select top-floor restaurant of the Nam Bộ Boutique Hotel. It offers fine market-inspired cuisine, a well-furnished wine cellar and quiet lounge with an unbeatable view of the river.

Fine dining

The wine cellar at l'Escale

L'Escale is perfect for those who look for a quiet, quality European meal away from the crowds, be it for sentimental moments, as a respite at the end of a long journey, or for business in the best terms.

Aside of Vietnamese specialities, our Chef has a gourmet European menu to pick from, not overwhelming, but a selection of fine-tuned recipes that will please the gourmet as well as the gourmand, from appetizers to desserts.

Together with this selection of classics, the gourmet will find some exotic flavours, blending a bit of Asia into your favourite tournedos, or a bit of foies gras in your nem. Ask the Chef to do it your way, her experience and expertise makes wonders.

Wine cellar

L'Escale has a solid wine cellar, which will meet the expectations of the connoisseurs, with the variety of grapes and origins to accompany any fine meal.

The cellar may also host the refined experience of a dinner in its cool ambiance, amongst the shelves of bottles, in the privacy provided by light curtains.

Jazz bar

If you are looking for a quiet hang-out in Cần Thơ, a cozy ambiance with a breathtaking view out to the river and the bridge, l'Escale may well be what you are looking for at the end of the day.

Come ashore at l'Escale

Grab a cocktail or a coffee, make yourself comfortable, appropriate a table with a view, the sofa at the end of the balcony, or join in at the bar. The barmaid prepares a drink to your liking, ever discreet and caring.

The best time to come up may well be about five, as l'Escale is oriented East and the scenery of the river gets breathtaking with the approaching sunset.

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